Meter Haz-Mat Box

Clean Earth Systems Haz-Waste Boxes are the industry standard for storage, transportation and disposal of solid hazardous waste material. Shipped and stored flat greatly reduces freight cost and warehouse storage space. Assembly is quick and can be done in minutes on the job site.

Clean Earth Systems Haz-Mat boxes are all UN Rated and are available in cubic yard boxes and cubic meter boxes. The industry often refers to this type of box with multiple layers of cardboard as a Gaylord or Flex-Bin Box. Gaylord or Flex-Bin Boxes usually have 3 or more walls of corrugation, can be stocked 2 high when full and are shipped flat to economize transportation and warehousing expenses. All Clean Earth Systems Haz-Mat Boxes (Gaylord / Flex-Bin Boxes) are shipped with polyethylene inner liners

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