Clean Earth Systems’ U.N. Rated Poly Pails are available in a wide range of sizes from 1.25 to 11.3 gallons. Five gallon poly pails are offered with a choice of snap top with optional spout or a traditional screw top lid with a pour spout. Clean Earth Systems' most popular 5 gallon poly pail is the Regrind which is manufactured using recycled material.

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SizeStyleClosure StyleMinimum U.N. Rating
1.25 GALOpen HeadScrew-Top1H2/Y6/S
2.5 GALOpen HeadScrew-Top1H2/Y19/S
3.5 GALOpen HeadScrew-Top1H2/Y19/S
GAL RegrindOpen HeadScrew-Top1H2/Y30/S & 1H2/X11.5/S
GALOpen HeadScrew-Top1H2/Y30/S & 1H2/X11.5/S
GALOpen HeadSnap-Top1H2/Y25/S
GALOpen HeadLever-Lock1A2/X25/S
12 GAL DrumOpen HeadScrew-Top1H2/Y53/S