12 Gallon Screw Top Regrind Drum

Clean Earth Systems U.N. Rated Poly Pails are available in a wide range of sizes from 1.25 to 12 gallons. Our 5 Gallon poly pails are offered with a choice of snap top or screw on lids. Both solid and spouted options are available. Our most popular 5 Gallon poly pail is the Regrind, which is manufactured using recycled material.

The 12 Gallon Screw Top Poly Drum is white is black in color and comes with a Screw Top Lid. The weight capacity is 116 lbs. There are 54/drums per pallet.

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Features & Benefits

  • Great for smaller jobs
  • Wide assortment of styles and sizes
  • Multiple closure options
  • U.N. Rated

Ideal Applications

  • Hazardous rated waste
  • Small jobs


Height: 21.50″

Top Diameter: 14.04”

Bottom Diameter: 13”

U.N. Rating: UN1H2/Y53/S

Weight Capacity: 116 lb.

Packaging: 54/pallet


Pail SizePallet QtyProduct DescriptionU.N. RatingWeight Capacity
1.25 gal4001.25 gallon new gen screw top pail (white)1H2/Y613.23 lbs.
2.5 gal2042.5 gallon screw top pail (white)1H2/Y1533.07 lbs.
3.5 gal1443.5 gallon new gen screw top pail (white)1H2/Y1941.80 lbs.
5.0 gal1205.0 gallon new gen screw top pail (white)1H2/Y3066.15 lbs.
5.0 gal
725.0 gallon liquid pail (white)1H2/1.5S.G. 1.5
(specific gravity)
5.0 gal
1205.0 gallon snap top pail (white)1H2/Y2555.12 lbs.
5.0 gal
1685.0 gallon screw top pail (black)1H2/Y3066.15 lbs.
6.5 gal846.5 gallon new gen screw top pail (white)1H2/Y3066.15 lbs.
11.3 gal
4511.3 gallon square screw top pail (white)3H2/Y4088.20 lbs.
5 gal
Round or
*5.0 gallon carboy with 70mm cap
*Pallet quantity varies
3H1/Y1.8/10070 lbs.