55 Gallon Green Drum

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55 Gallon Green Drum

Clean Earth System’s newest innovation, The Green Drum is made from up to 35% recycled fiber, is 100% biodegradable and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) compliant.

Rated for packing groups II and III, the Green Drum is manufactured sizes ranging from 17- 55 gallons. The Green Drum can hold up to 500 pounds, can be re-used and can be stacked three high once filled.

This revolutionary new corrugated drum replaces fibre, steel and plastic drums for many hazardous waste applications. The Green Drum’s octagon design adds flexibility in the handling of containers and comes with a uniform, removable lid that fits all sizes and is secured by a re-usable locking band.

Individual Green Drums components can be purchased separately

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Product Description

Proven Performance

  • Y-Rated for Packing groups II and III
  • Holds 550 pounds
  • Reusable with option to buy single items
  • Stacks 3 high when full
  • Rolls on edge
  • Compatible to conventional drum handling equipment
  • Available in footprints that fit standard and export pallets

Delivered Fully Assembled

  • Leak proof bottom
  • 3 layers of corrugation
  • Lock to box lid

Supports Sustainability

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Easy Disposal
  • Fiber complies with Sustainable Forestry Initiative®  Sourcing Standards

  • Hazardous waste rated for packing groups II and III
  • Medical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Bio-hazardous waste

Dimensions: 39” height x 22.5” diameter
Stacks 3 high when full

Capacity: 500 lb.

Rating: Y-Rated for Packing groups II and III

Unit Weight: 20 lb. tare

Green Drum Kit Includes:

  • Fully assembled drum and lid
  • 6 mil polyethylene liner
  • Steel lever lock band
  • Zip tie

Individual Green Drum components can be purchased separately

Part # Dimension Capacity Rating Unit Weight
55 GAL. Green Drum 39” height x 22.5” diameter 500lb.  Y-Rated  20lb.
35 GAL. Green Drum  26.5” height x 22.5” diameter 325lb.  Y-Rated 15lb.
25 GAL. Green Drum 19” height x 22.5” diameter 275lb.  Y-Rated  13lb.
17 GAL. Green Drums  14.5” height x 22.5” diameter 200lb. Y-Rated  10lb.