Floor Recycle Box

Floor Recycle Box

The most popular cubic yard container in the industry, the Haz Box offers a 2,000 lb. (1 ton) capacity for Packaging Groups I, II, and III. A pallet is required for ease of movement with a standard forklift/pallet-jack. Complete with rigid triple wall construction. A high density polyethylene liner is included. A flap top closure allows for ease of opening & closing. This container is proven and acceptable within the hazardous waste disposal process.

Product Description

  • Shipped knocked down flat
  • Single wall recycled corrugated
  • Can be used with a standard 30 gallon trash bag
  • Spaces provided for company labels & recycled material labels (ie: glass, aluminum, plastic)

  • Glass: Bottles
  • Plastic: Bindings, Folders, Bubble Wrapper, Ink and Toner Cartridges
  • Aluminum: Staples, Paper Clips, Batteries
  • Paper: Envelopes, Boxes


  • 16 x 16” x 29” –  box
  • 16” x 16” x 2” – lid

Style: Single wall recycled corrugated
spaces provided for company labels & recycled material labels